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❝If you say so…❞ Tutku smirked, still amused. ❝Anyway, look around, feel free to take lots of pictures, et cetera, et cetera.❞


"You don’t have to tell me twice!" Merina grinned at Tutku as she took her camera phone and began taking pictures of everything. "It’s just so nice, Tutku. You really out done yourself."

As she was taking pictures, they were joined by Torru who flew right in and perched on Merina’s shoulder, giving quite a shudder.

"It’s a little chilly in here…" His mental voice spoke to them.

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     "Ah? New York City? What is it like?” I had heard of the city, but I had only visited North America once—with Yuugi. I wanted to return, but I was not sure how long it would take. Days possibly.

     I tilted my head at her phone, nodding once before smiling back at her. “I believe I have been, there,” I said, looking around. “It should be close by.” I made it a habit to visit a bookstore ever week. Due so, the shelves back in the Castle have begun to overflow. More often than not I bought more books before finishing the ones I previously bought, but I did not think it a problem. I would finish them in time.

At him asking what New York City was like, a smile appeared on Merina’s lips. “Big and very busy, it’s not called the Concentrate Juggle without reason.” She giggled. “Actually, it’s quite the amazing place. There lots of places to visit like Central Park, Broadway, and the iconic Empire State Building, but that’s just the tip of everything.”

"Ah! You do?" A look of relief appeared on Merina’s face and she gave a soft sigh, especially when he said it was close by. "Thanks. That’s actually really great. Do you mind taking me there….?" The blonde paused and she gave a nervous laugh. "Oh this is awkward… I didn’t get your name."

Our muses are hanging out at the beach together! Send a symbol for a starter…


  • ∭ - It’s too hot, and our muses are complaining about the heat together.
  • ≛ - Our muses are lounging happily in a little boat.
  • ➩ - My muse’s reaction to yours throwing a bucket of water over them.
  • ღ - Our muses are enjoying delicious icecreams.
  • ♬ - Our muses are having a summer beach dance party!
  • ✧ - Our muses are splashing around in the water.
  • ✭ - My muse catches your checking them out in their swimsuit…
  • ☁ - It’s not the best day- it’s started to rain, and the beach day is ruined!