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As of right now, I have NO computer access. My computer’s power source is dead and until I can get it fixed, this blog is on an indefinite hiatus. I am sorry to all my role play partners but there is nothing I can do. So sorry guys.

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((Not feeling so well so I’m heading for bed. Good night))



❝I’ll show you that one, too.❞ Tutku smiled, nodding. ❝Fitting more for a fairy than a witch in my opinion.❞


❝Anyway, there’s just lots of possibilities.❞

"I’m excited to see it! I’m sure it looks quite lovely!" She giggled before humming in agreement. "You got a point, fairies are more colorful and a rainbow dress is really them."

"Everything has possibilities. It depends on how you look at it."



❝I even made a rainbow version by accident once. You should have seen the reactions of people who saw it happen.❞ She seemed to have slowed her strokes for a moment as the memories came flooding back. It was at this party I went to and they brought out this cake, and after I tried it, I sneezed and my whole dress became iridescent.❞


❝Everyone got a good laugh out of it, and lots of pictures were taken.❞

"A rainbow dress on accident?" As Tutku told the tale, a grin appear on Merina’s lips and she couldn’t help but let out a laugh.

"Oh my goodness! That must had been quite the sight though!" She continue. "But I’m sure you looked very gorgeous in the rainbow dress and worked with it."

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invidia-amatorem has entered the theater.

Hmm… It’s not everyday foreigners appeared in the theater. He wasn’t like other men here in the theater and something about him seem to be getting Merina’s attention. Was here to watch a performance or…?

"May I help you, sir?" She asked in a polite tone.

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     Oh! Theatre! That was something that existed during Atlantis. I was not a huge fan of it then, but I wondered if it changed since then. Possibly so; such time was 10,000 years ago.

     ”Do not apologize! It sounds fun…,” I said, smiling at her. I laughed slightly at my name being called ‘interesting,’ but it was true. I had not met anyone else who shared my name, and especially now I doubted anyone would. “It is nice to meet you, Merina Hika. If you do not mind me asking, why are you in Domino City?" She mentioned being a ‘New Yorker,’ so I was curious why she was here, so far away.

The smile continue to grow big making the blonde performer seeming to beam on it. “It really is! It’s one of the things I miss about my hometown.” But that didn’t go to say that Domino City had its own uniqueness that she was growing to love. But when he asked why she was in Domino City, she answered. “My father and I moved here. Well…” She looked ahead as she began to explain.

"My father got offered a job at Tokyo University as a Professor in Archaeology. I moved with him and began looking for a job in theater. There wasn’t anything for me in Tokyo, so applied to work at Domino City Performing Arts Theater. I made my audition and the rest is history." She looked at him with a grin. "I made my move here and loved it since."